Lock Down

Lock Down There was a lock down Of my heart It was not to be opened Not for anyone The security surrounding it was fool proof I didn’t know that fool was you You slipped passed, unnoticed You had the reigns and I let go I leaped, because you said you’d catch me Did for…


Right Here!

Right Here! My heartbeat is so rapid I think I dreamt this place I’ve met this boy Who always puts a smile on my face Maybe it’s the simplicity in his laugh Or the sense of peace in his sighs Maybe its cause the world disappears When I look into his eyes I guess it…


wondering which path

wondering which path Enjoying togetherness tenderly they love in innocence of blanketed warmth exporling bodies engulfed in exhilarating pleasure weaving web of bonding love strong exploding like stars shooting from the sky Sharing wanting passionte desires believing in true love blissful caressing of one another greatest needs discovering gentleness touch encompassing fire finding in the…


Dream Driven

Dream Driven As I close my eyes I dream of a place surreal to be A place of Love where life is lived through fantasy A dreamland of mystery where time is endless and dreams come true Inspired through love with no-one around except me and you Some call it fantasy I call it Hope…



Mesh Our moment and intensify as we stare onto each-other Let the droplets of passion further motivate us I feel his fingers tangle into my hair My lips..quivering Holding back from the complete insanity of patience I devote myself to this moment I wrap my arms around him Tasting Proving mystical, magical, and fantasy can…


True Love

True Love Enjoying togetherness as tenderly they love, Wrapping in innocence of blanketed warmth, Exporling bodies engulfed in exhilarating pleasure. Weaving gently a web of bonding love strong, Exploding like stars shooting from the sky, Sharing a wanting of passionte desires created now. Believing in true love’s blissful sweet taste, Caressing of one another greatest…


All I’ll Ever Need

All I’ll Ever Need To see you smile, just melts my heart. To hear you laugh, lifts me from sorrow. To smell your scent, keeps me needing more. To touch your skin, makes me tingle joyfully. To kiss your lips, is pleasure beyond belief. To call you mine, is unbelievable. You’re all I’ll ever need…


~True Love~

~True Love~ My hand entwined with his Is what I could wait a lifetime for To lay my head on his chest And hear a heart beat that matches mine Is true love to me Simple and pure No explanations needed His alluring voice That will send shivers down my spine And his warm arms…


My Heart

My Heart So you can see How much that I love you I swore To never love again But who knew that You would change my mind I have broken my oath And left it behind I can no longer say That I dont love you Because truth is My love for you grew ~ME