Just notes

He has my heart. I have always loved him and always will. random thoughts right now: Every time I look at you, my heart misses a beat my breath catches the sound of ur voice feeling ur arms wraped around me


Artist Wills

Artist Wills Echoes escape from an old barn, are carried by the wind across the meadow,beyond the hilltop into a neighboring valley. Inside,the hayloft is devoid of hay; no pitchfork,hoe nor shovel hangs on the wall,no cow nor horse stands in a stall,paws at hard ground. Only artists find beauty here beneath the peeling paint,windows…


I Hate You

I Hate You I hate you, for never caring enough I hate you, for never being there when I needed you I hate you, for always lying to me I hate you, for being so selfish I hate you, for all the false promises I hate you, for destroying me I hate you, for making…


A Puzzle for You

This puzzle I’m sending Isn’t hard to figure out Put it together and You’ll know what I’m about These feelings I’ve had For some time now At first these feelings I didn’t want to allow As time passed by I started to give in Because I realized With you I win At this point now…